For parents, teachers and administrators

What parents, teachers and administrators may like to know about What’s Gone Well Today  at School

This is an opportunity for students to take part in a project that helps shift thinking towards what’s gone well in our day, in our class,  in our world.  Traditional media predominantly covers the negative.
Students have a choice of creating an account for which they create a username ( not their real name), or just posting their ideas without an account. No personal information, contact info, etc  is recorded or posted.  Those with accounts can edit their own comments, and add digital media content.

It was created and moderated by an award winning teacher, now the executive director of ConversationWorks   ( a registered charitable organization designed to help students and teachers see how the wider world works.)
It teaches and reinforces   Internet literacy, security, and metacognition, as well as traditional literacy.

WGWT at School also helps teach students to have life-long habits of thought that  support wellness.  ( Statistically the average person has about 60 000 thoughts per day, and on average 80% of these are negative. ) WGWT  develops and reinforces a new pattern of thinking, engaging , community building and  self recognition.

The project  reinforces Ministry  IRP guidelines —  Here’s a sampling

-listen purposefully to understand ideas and information, by
–making connections
– visualizing
– asking and answering questions
– making inferences and drawing conclusions

read and view to improve and extend thinking, by
– predicting and explaining
– visualizing
– distinguishing between fact and opinion
– analysing texts to consider alternatives
– drawing conclusions
– recognizing alternative viewpoints
– summarizing and synthesizing