What speakers say

  • chuck
  • I am very impressed with CSI. I have been showing it off to some of my friends, and telling them about my experience. I can’t help but share; it was a very exciting experience. I sometimes become discouraged with present youth, but the questions kicked me over the top. I’m glad that some students sounded genuinely motivated and enriched… and that it was not just myself. Seeing the their desire to do, expand and lead, as well as listening to the other presentations definitely motivated me.
  • Christopher Bowers is a great agent in getting you before high school audiences to talk about what is important to you.  It is a great experience because it is like a fishbowl coaching session and the result is a clearer sense of self and priorities.It is like a fishbowl coaching session and the result is a clearer sense of self and priorities.
  • Sharing my story really put some energy back into me!  Thanks so much.
  • In a lot of cases general questions are difficult to answer but are the reasons for our being.
  • This is an exercise that always makes one do some serious “in-looking” I call it…at one’s life experiences.  We don’t often do that through someone else’s eyes.  It also takes a certain degree, I think, of maturity to get right down to the basics…the honest basics…of what makes each of us who we are.”I’m a part of all that I have met” and all that Ulysses stuff.  We sometimes like to forget…conveniently…some of the stupid things we’ve done…but those are oftentimes the ones we learn the most from.
  • Thanks for forwarding the student feedback to me. I enjoyed reading it all. Thanks also for inviting me to come to address the class.
  • You sometimes wonder if its worth it ( doing the interviews) but when you get that kind of feedback, it is.
  • The feedback keeps me interested and helps me understand whether I got my message through…sems I did!