ConversationWorks with strangers.

How will this help you in talking with strangers.

More confident in what to ask.

To be able to reflect on what you heard and use it in your life.

Listen to the answers given and ask follow-up questions.

It will help to be less annoying to them and make them want to speak to me.

Not worrying about what to say

It’ll give me more knowledge on how to talk.

Feeling comfortable with what you’re saying.

Avoid dead air and learn more stuff from other people.

Given me the strategies and experience so that we know what to expect when we do interviews on the trip

How to ask meaningful questions with genuine interest.

Give people the attention they deserve.

Find the correct questions and follow-up.

Pull out key themes from all interviews on.

I learned various techniques to interview strangers for the train trip.

I will know I have to do my part as much as they have to do theirs.I have to be interested in what they have to say.

I will speak to the speaker with compassion and interest.

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