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“Hi” is a wealth of information that will encourage you, entice you, to take the first tentative steps to engage with others, to develop a sense of worth in ones involvement with others, and with the community we share.
I highly recommend this treasure trove of practices, delightful story ‘snippets’, and compelling rationale for conversation. — Ken Annandale, Educator

We welcome your comments, and experiences as you let conversation change your life after reading the book.


  1. Colin says:

    Today on the bus, I talked to a guy on the bus. I asked him about any exciting plans for the the reading break. He didn’t have any plans this year but last reading break her went to New York. The fact that I am from New York peaked my interest. This guy ended up telling me how he spent two weeks with his family in Brooklyn. Since this is rare we ended up talking about his visit and it turns out that he is Haitian. This shocked me as I am Haitian as well and I haven’t met any other Haitians in Victoria. One of the main things that i got from this conversation is that you cant judge a book by its cover and the world is small

  2. Mitchell says:

    This afternoon at the gym I asked a fellow what had gone well for him today. He responded by saying he got to play a game of basketball with his friends. We chatted a little longer about the NBA and basketball players.

  3. Christopher says:

    Sounds like she WAS touched. How cool she left a message, a sign that the exchange was meaningful and appreciated. Read the story on p 177 of Hi! for a Boston Pizza story that really touched a young girl.

  4. Mitchell says:

    Today while I was getting a coffee I asked the cashier if there was anything new in her life that she was excited about. She responded by saying this was one of her last shifts at work. She was super excited to simply relax for a few weeks, and to get out and explore Victoria. She must have particularly enjoyed our conversation for she left a very kind message of her own on my coffee cup.

  5. Mitchell says:

    On the ferry ride home today I struck up conversation with a girl from Saskatchewan who happened to sit beside me. I asked her if she had ever been travelling and is so what her favourite destination was. It turns out she has done a very similar South East Asia Trip as I had. We ended up chatting for quite sometime, swapping various stories and favorite spots. One of her adventures that stuck with me included her volunteering at a elephant sanctuary in one of my favourtie Thai cities, Chang Mai.

  6. Christopher says:

    Hi! is being printed … eBook is available now from the PayPal links

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