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“Hi” is a wealth of information that will encourage you, entice you, to take the first tentative steps to engage with others, to develop a sense of worth in ones involvement with others, and with the community we share.
I highly recommend this treasure trove of practices, delightful story ‘snippets’, and compelling rationale for conversation. — Ken Annandale, Educator

We welcome your comments, and experiences as you let conversation change your life after reading the book.


  1. Christopher says:

    Colin… You are having some great conversations.. See what happens if you mention Hi! the book to some of these folks. It may be helpful.

  2. Colin says:

    Similar to Erika, the next person that answered the question was a kid named Yonadev. I really liked Yoni, He from San Diego and is an all around very interesting person. We have had several classes together but never really talked outside of school. So when i saw i was sitting with him, I was really exiting about getting to know him better.

    When i asked him about when he was bold, he talked about a time we were in class together. This semester we are in a class about enthoecology, it is an environmental science class focusing on indigenous landscape throughout the world in its simplest terms. One day our professor ask us to read a book out loud in class. Reading a lot in class is probably my greatest fear, it brings back memories of me in elementary and middle school with a lisp. It was a day time in my life that i rather not speak about but also funny to think about now.

    Yoni decided to read out loud because it was his favorite book. The book was Wayfinders by Wade Davis and it happened to be one of his favorite passages, i thought that, that was a great coincidence! Where being bold really paid off.

    Me and Yoni than just really bonded about being American and Canadian and we got a beer together after the dinner. I hope that we can continue this friendship!

  3. Colin says:

    I went to church dinner, if you don’t know about church dinner, let me tell you about it! A Church by campus holds a dinner every Tuesday where students can eat for free! You can go with a friend but this week I went alone.
    I asked the table I was sitting with about the time they were bold. Immediately they told me what I was doing, having a conversation with strangers, was bold. I guess it is but I look at it more being fun and getting to know a new person.
    One girl named Erika told a story of her living in Squamish where she meet a couple Brazilians, (her mother is Brazilian and she’s visited Brazil several times), and they invited her to a party, she didn’t know them well so she was walking home but on her way home she said why not. So she went to this party and was the only new person there. She had two conversations with people then left because she felt awkward.
    We discussed what I am doing now (in having conversations with people ), and Erika said that hearing me do it made her story feel underwhelming. I said maybe so, but knowing that I’m doing should encourage her to do it more often. in order to help her start, I advised her to start talking to those people you see around campus, the ones you see all time either walking to class or hanging out where you do. it is easy and good to know those people because they probably want to know your story just as much as you want to know theirs.

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