What students learned from Meaghan Cursons

Well today I learned a lot about the different speakers, how each of their lives can be hectic, or seem unorganized at times, when Meaghan was talking about Musicfest, I was thinkin’ “hmmm maybe this volunteering at Musicfest is something I may want to do”

The thing that stood out most to me with both speakers was that both of them had no real regrets. They had worked towards certain things in life and unexpected doors opened from everything they did, even the seemingly bad. Undoubtedly the thing i will remember most about today is that whatever you do and whatever happens, life will unfold one way or another.

Having these speakers come and talk to us and we as an audience able to ask questions reflecting on their success as well as their personal life was a great time! It has made me more aware of that there is more than one way to be successful. .. think positively, and believe in myself.

A lot really spoke to me today! i learned that you should follow your dreams, and not to give up if the answer is no the first time, and to stride for what you believe in Live life without regrets , and think of mistakes as learning bloc ks..

Today i found the speakers really interesting.It’s neat hearing about someone else’s life and the struggles and challenges that they go through. I think its good for these ladies to tell students about their life, because it could touch some of the students listening. I noticed today that the two speakers don’t really regret anything they do in life, because it has either made them better or taught them a lesson. Both speakers like to encourage people and manage their time fit for them selves. And that really neat that they can do that.