What students say (2)

Students say:

                • These people helped me with leadership by inspiring me and showing me how much one can do. They showed us examples of a bad situation in which you can turn around and make it better. This is one of my weak points so this was a major topic for me.
                • Being the newest student in the class and judging a book by it’s cover, there were a couple of classmates that I didn’t picture coming up with such good questions, but given a bit of help and direction they come up with some really good questions.
                • I think the program that you have ran was a truly eye-opening experience, and I met several people I never would have met, and learned many things that I never would have learned if it was not for this experience. I also became enlightened on my future career, which is amazing

                • I like the idea of having these interviews because it’s a good change from regular class work, it’s interesting, you can learn things that help you with booksmarts but, just as importantly, ideas for dealing with reality, and seeing how other people have overcome their own personal issues.
              • The meeting buddy process has been quite a different experience. We got a chance to be the interviewers. We were given the power to pry, to assess the presentations of adult professionals. Now that’s new, backwards, and refreshing. I enjoyed the experience, the process, as a whole, was an excellent source of different passions and perspectives.

                I learned not only directly, but indirectly as well. I was really “turned on” by presenters who opened up, said ridiculous things. I liked it when the presenter elaborated on a story, told us about their weaknesses as well as strengths. We focus too much on the success of an individual. Example: well, so and so accomplished sldfkjwlke slkdfjwl and wklerjoeyi. They are members of slkerjwoe and woeirjwl etc.

                I found that these interviews broke the boundaries of social superiority/ reluctance. We were about to really see the person beneath the success. We heard the stories behind the success. The interviews were empowering. I found out that these remarkable people were, well, human. I discovered, I could accomplish my own ambitions, follow my own passions too! Thank you

          • Overall I feel very enlightened by the whole experience. It is something I would love to do again, and I feel that it is something that can be very useful to any student. I think that everyone learned something new that they can apply to their life, whether it be who they are, what their feelings are on a particular topic, or what they want their future to look like. When someone can decide what they want their future to look like from presentations such as this, they obviously have a very very profound effect.

    • It was eye-opening on how hard some people’s life is and how they can still life happily but getting through the suffering.

      We are in this leadership class for a reason, because we want to be leaders or be more outgoing. We want to be able to make changes in our lives.

      To be a leader you need to know that those who accomplish things in life are those who seek challenge and adventure. So when you lead someone through a hard time make sure that they know that you will all ways be there for them.

      The guests all have common attributes in the way that they all have done/are doing things that not all normal people would do They all have things that they have had to overcome and the all have ideas of what they want with their lives. All of these people are positive and willing to attempt challenges

      It will be a good opportunity to learn more about different options in life. It will be a good time to also learn about the adventures they have had and recommend. I believe it will be a rare chance that will help me understand more about myself and others