What students appreciated about Dr. Marissa Bentham

marissa_benthamCelebrating our uniqueness: a key to wellness

You were saying follow your passions and and don’t be afraid to show your passions. It really stood out to me.

I really injoyed how you let things out even though they might have been personal.

You talked about the things that you were passionate about(im a dancer to so i thought it was kinda cool that you were also)And also that you have to live your life even if it is a huge obstacles you have to over come.

Her mom died when she was 14 and tht you have to keep moving on in your life when overcojming obstacles

I really believe in what you said about moving on even when tough things happen in life, and expressing yourself. It’s cool how you express yourself in dance.
I really liked your talk and I think that you should keep doing it!

There?fs nothing you can do when someone dies so just get over it.

I like how your dedicated to be yourself.. And its cool that you like to dance.. I did Hip Hop myself..

I thought that you were very inspiring when you said think outside the box and when you said just do what you want to do

Thanks for teaching us about a healthy lifestyle!
We should do this again because it was really interesting