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updated  Dec 12th

Thank you for inspiring me to tell my story and giving me a way to share. You are right. It is a remarkable experience hearing and seeing yourself. It was a fabulous experience. Kenna Bridge.


The recent activity on the Collaborative Network, is a vibrant touch! The best feature of that is that you can click on the text bubbles and interact directly from there.


Collaborative Board helped me clarify the areas in my life that I would like to change . They are really different from what they were when I walked in the door.


You are helping me to find my voice.

When I hear other people answer the question it gives me new language.. another way of looking at the question, a paradigm shift


For me the site is about stopping the rush and confusion of the day to take inventory of something good … even if it’s small. I find that when I personally do that, it changes my thoughts and my perspective (which might be in a negative place at that moment) to a more positive space. Which changes everything… and brings confidence, insight, strength and wisdom. It’s learning how to stay there..


For me a Collaborative Board is a group of highly motivated individuals, with integrity, that have come together to meet like-minded business people, to find out how we can be better in business.

After some digestion, the primary thread that the collaborative board left me with was an appetite for more! More conversation with intent, more of the great synergy created by positive interaction with interesting people, and more of the informal  What’s Gone Well Today structure that kept things moving towards practical and creative solutions to some questions I have been wrestling with————

How often are you in a diverse group of strangers, where one gets to mention an issue to them, and the rest of the people in the group are solely focused on how they can help you resolve that? That’s what What’s Gone Well Today is to me.

‘When I heard about Whats Gone Well Today and the Collaborative Board I wondered if I had ever done anything like it before.

I just said ‘yes’ and showed up – ready for anything.

What I got was the chance to help people in my community without giving advice.

I also had the fog lifted around an important question for myself. I appreciated it especially as I am now moving forward with more clear, purposeful intention.

Many thanks; I’m glad to have this opportunity available in Victoria, a city where things get done.’


MontrèalI really like the idea of this blog. It has changed the way I think of things. When I have a bad day and I come to post I don’t think of the bad I think of the good. When I think about the good things in that day I start to think of other good things about yesterday or maybe the good things I could do tomorrow! Than really does help to brighten up my mood whether I am thinking about today tomorrow or yesterday What’s Gone Well Today has changed the way I think.like When I am negative about being in Montreal What’s Gone Well Today forces me o think positive I really enjoy putting effort into this and looking forward to posting at the end of the week. Brain storming with my friends and classmates. Thank you for making this awesome site for kids and adults


People are adapting the questions to go right to the heart. Thank you!


I used a few of the questions on the ‘What’s Gone Well Today’ cards during a management meeting the other day. The questions completely disarmed the conversation and allowed us to look past limitations and focus on attainable goals together. I found the questions invaluable.

– owner of a software company.


Thank you Chris!  these conversations are a joy to have.

This is a very powerful tool that can be used ‘free of charge’ for anyone at anytime. Amazing actually. Simple yet so very powerful.


Your What’s Gone Well Today project is always providing me with renewed reminders to pay attention to the good! It is helping to break what seems like an involuntary focus on things that appear to be unraveling around me.

“Your Advisory Board: What’s Gone Well Today Style” accolade

the advisory board is like:

honey on warm toast

more fun than a martini

more interesting than university

more restful than massage

“This is the most interesting thing I’ve done since university.” .. business leader.


As a shy person, my survival strategy has been to ask questions – this has opened up more doors than I imagined. We all have interesting lives.

I have already used the technique to get staff to talk more. While I think I am a fairly good listener, this technique reminds me to focus on just what their topic is and bring out more of what they are saying…to help them explore. Even if the topic does not seem ‘important’ it is their information and needs to be important to both of us. The technique helps that happen.

I am grateful to you for awakening and comforting my spirit

Thank you for encouraging me to taste the flavor of wellness so that now I have a sense of what it feels like to feel good and even proud of myself, truly a foreign concept until now

Thank you for opening the door to a new way of thinking (a shift for sure!) so that I can encourage others to do the same

It is truly such a powerful process to stop and think about what went well…

I was just sitting here doing my best to come up with a strategy for looking for work and (bad me) focusing on what is, which isn’t very pretty, instead of focusing on the present moment or on something positive. So your e-mail has helped me to shift into a more positive mode and I will be focusing on what is going well not the opposite.  .. entrepreneur and mom.

Wow I just read that one again. It was such a pivotal period! This inspires me to follow up with a What’s Gone Well Today regarding my new job.

Thank you for sharing What’s Gone Well Today with me, it’s a huge part of my day now. It makes me so much more aware and grateful for the good all around us.    high school student.

Thank you for putting that clip up on the net.

I really like it. It gives a nice perspective on who I am and what I am doing.   artist

the routine of posting to What’s Gone Well Today. i feel it is a very motivating medium to pass on positive messages 🙂

Love the What’s Gone Well Today, it makes me think of all the things that bless me in my life and all I have to be thankful for. Thanks for the email.  Caused me to do a “shift”

Thanks so much for your email Christopher. It really did get me onto some better thoughts and therefore the whole day went better. Your note was very much appreciated and I did have a good read on What’s Gone Well Today. Sharing good experiences is helpful and I thank you for reminding me there is always help if you look.

A fellow in Nanaimo wrote, ” Wow, what a question: it works”. That is how I will begin the conversation with any lovely lady whom I am lucky enough to run into in the near future’

A student in Vernon wrote , ” This way of learning from your day, and asking yourself, “what’s gone well today?” has made my outlook on my day brighter and brighter. I’m very grateful for this, so I’ve dedicated a section of my journal that I write in each night, to reflect on what’s gone well today. I’m amazed at what you can learn, even from the smallest moments.”

Visit the What’s Gone Well Today site

Here’s how one community-gardening advocate and change agent said

An engineering student wrote: ‘I think your idea creates a opportunity for people to share smiles and I have to ask, who could say no to smiling?

A visitor to Victoria wrote:

Since I’ve met you I have made a note for each to say what has gone right for me.

From up Island…

Very interesting concept Christopher.  I love the question and the responses

on your site are wonderful!   I think I’ll start asking that question

instead of “how are you today?”

A dentist wrote:

The “What’s Gone Well Today” idea has remained with me since ( we talked). It’s brilliant and simple. I have mentioned it to a few people who agree that it is much better than the standard “how are you?” I plan to use it at work this week. I will likely get a wider range of responses if I ask it at the start of the appointment though rather than afterwards, since at that point the standard response would probably be “My dental appointment is over!”

I have always done a similar reflection at the end of each work day anyway, usually feeling satisfaction at having helped someone get through an experience that is necessary but that no one really wants. The most satisfaction comes from having someone who was terrified at the start but at the end finds that it was not unpleasant at all. It’s great to see the self confidence that emerges in their ability to endure dental treatment.

Remaining positive is a powerful tool. What’s Gone Well Today is a simple way to snap people back to the positive side, especially if they are presently in a negative mood (often the case when they show up for their dental visit!) I’m even finding it helpful myself with this huge transition in my practice. The nasty situation created by the dentist I was working with is vastly overshadowed by the excitement of starting up my own show.


A school staff member wrote:

I asked a friend today at the school whats gone well with you today and she smiled, paused and then she said she was so happy when she woke up this morning that she was alive. She thought this was such a cool thing to ask people, its gets people to look more for the good every day and talk about that. She is going to ask this question to others she meets.