Staff Development

© ConversationWorks’   What’s Gone Well Today ™     — Christopher Bowers

An introduction to What’s Gone Well
What’s Gone Well Today™ is a transformational communication process that profoundly shifts behaviour in both workplaces and personal lives. It  improves attitudes, performance and deepens communication.
For Example
An employee was feeling stuck and fearful about her ability to do her work, and  worrried about her retirement options. Once she heard about What’s Gone Well Today,  she felt a shift, a possibility that her work could be fulfilling, less stressful, and more rewarding. After working with this process her attitude changed from anxiety to excitement, fun and anticipation. She is now becoming an agent of change to help others use this new perspective.

Target audience:

  • Foundation Board Members who need to know what’s working in their organization
  • Front Line Workers who need to connect and engage quickly with their clients
  • Fund Raisers who need to have fast and meaningful ways to connect with prospective donors
  • Anybody not working to their potential
  • Managers who need to communicate clearly and at a more meaningful level with staff
  • Health care professionals wanting to reduce stress, and create work-life balance

This process will:

  • increase productivity  and customer service
  • make work more interesting and fun
  • decrease stress
  • lessen sick days
  • develop strategies for  communication in social media
  • help tell  your story powerfully
  • build and strengthen teams
  • increase sales
  • develop new products
  • find what your organization does well
  • help with performance reviews
  • increase outreach

Workshop participants will be shown how to

  • ask good questions, then to know how to go to the next question
  • capture the stories of clients and use them to go deeper
  • find out other’s strengths
lessen stress and improve job satisfaction
  • know how to retrieve the stories that  show where  your organization is doing well
  • tap into the power of self reflection
  • include What’s Gone Well Today to highlight strengths in their day