What’s Gone Well Today Intro

What’s Gone Well  Today is a question, in fact a movement  designed to shift the way we think about our days, to  re-frame our own experiences, and our attempts at daily connection with the people we meet and spend time with,  to go from ‘how’s it going’ to ‘what’s gone  well today?’ We hope that people will find  more highlights  in their day,  and discover  deeper connections with one another.
What’s Gone Well Today helps people reflect on their own lives and what good is occurring today. Please visit our site to view video clips and written comments about What’s Gone Well Today in people’s lives.

Both individuals and organizations  sometimes  get trapped into their own world and  culture. Sometimes it just takes a friendly person with a smile, asking  What’s Gone Well Today to look at our day in a fresh way.  We dwell so often in the negative.  With this question we  start to look for the positive moments  in our lives, and build on them.

We welcome your using the question many times in your day, whether within your own thought, with a friend , or with  a stranger. We would  love to have your experience help others.
Please go to WhatsGoneWellToday.com  and post your comment.

Here’s what people say about What’s Gone Well Today

Thank you for putting that clip up on the net.
I really like it. It gives a nice perspective on who I am and what I am doing.
… the routine of posting to What’s Gone Well Today. I feel it is a very motivating medium to pass on positive messages
Love the What’s Gone Well Today, it makes me think of all the things that bless me in my life and all I have to be thankful for. Thanks for the email.  Caused me to do a “shift”

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