WGWT at UVic

What’s gone well today?
at UVic

What’s Gone Well  Today ( WGWT)  is a shift of thinking,
an appreciative inquiry approach of action research on a personal level.

It’s a fun, explorative adventure of engaging strangers in meaningful conversation.

We are looking for students interesting in a What’s gone well today? event at UVic.
The heart of the event will be to raise our banner on campus, and ask people passing by, What’s gone well today?
Those who are willing can have their conversation recorded and posted on our web site.

Here are some of the themes or metaphors  we will build our research questions around:

* Reaching – to new heights in our life
* Breaking out  – of established patterns and routines, ideas taking flight
* Seeing things through new eyes
* Taking risks

A mid-day event at UVic is being planned for the end of October.
So… reach new heights, break out, take a risk and see things through new eyes!
To sign up and get involved go to: WhatsGoneWellToday.com

Christopher Bowers     info@whatsgonewelltoday.com

WGWT is an initiative of ConversationWorks a registered charity dedicated to bringing people and ideas together in our community.