School start up

Sigma 18-200mm“Your class has been invited to take part in a special project to change the way we think and look at our day. We are looking  to find What’s Gone Well Today at school. This takes a special attitude and ‘lense” but we know you’re up to it.”

When a class member, including staff, see something that has gone well, they write it up a piece of paper  ( 1/2 page recycled paper) and put it into a  box or tray.

Identify some class  authors and editors who would  find the time to take these slips of paper and compose the experiences they describe into some coherent postings about WGWT of 4 or  5 sentences that give some details and connection to the ideas. They could also embellish / flesh out some of the ideas submitted. This would provide a realistic exercise of looking for common themes  and elaborating on them.

I can create a class ID for your use, or you can give me the names of the editors and the password they would  like to use.

Any student wanting to do this from home could apply for an ID and Password.  The condition is that poor taste or inappropriate postings would mean that ID was deleted.

This approach will allow

* all students trying on the lense of WGWT
* everyone to contribute
* a wide range of participation:  contributor, author , editor
* students could take pictures of relevant projects to be uploaded to the on line gallery

Further considerations for students  to gain access to the site:

A teacher  can register with a class ID that everyone would use in that class.

If you set a time that you will have students register, I would  change the settings to allow students to register themselves, and then be able to set their passwords. These would be emailed to each  new user.

This ‘open registration’ would be for a limited period of time, as it makes the site vulnerable to garbage subscribers.. which I then have to route out.
Students don’t need to use their own names, but can register with a user name. I’d suggest the teacher get  a list of each student and their user names.

To give some kind of quality control  teachers would need to work with their students about what constitutes a thoughtful  posting.  One short sentence doesn’t tell much of a story.