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Whats Gone Well Today? ™ at School
Working to shift the way students  think, engage and learn at school.

Students in Ms Barb Newton’s  grade 3/4 class  at Kingswood Elementary in Richmond are using new tools  in their classroom.  They are using a new question in their life, “What’s Gone Well Today.”  They were invited to take  part in an innovative web-based program called ” What’s Gone Well Today at School ?”  While the question is simple, the impact on everyone in the classroom is profound.  It looks for examples in their school days for experiences,  lessons,  and  activities that have gone well. It’s given their teacher a new way to help make learning fun and engaging.  ” It is truly such a powerful process to stop and think about what’s gone well. I love the positive energy around brainstorming what went well and the fun of posting those thoughts for others to see . I love learning something new, and  the power of the Internet; acknowledging that kids are so capable and intuitive when using it and that this medium is changing the way we present information.
The parents were very interested in having their kids participate in a web based program and they acknowledged how involved they are already in other sites and how good it will be for them.”

First thing each Friday morning, the students write an entry in their journal called WhatWentWell this Week.  Some of these are posted on the web  site.  Here’s what one student wrote, ” It has been a fantastic week. Mr. Picha delivered 75 pumpkins to our school so many classes got to carve them. Some of the older students helped the younger classes. Our class took them off the truck on a rainy day and then a few days later we washed them with cloths and buckets of hot water. We also made pumpkin prints using orange paint on styrofoam plates after carving a face design using pens. One of my classmates said that the year was going by way too fast.
This Has Been A Fantastic Week!’

The program , created by an award winning teacher, Christopher Bowers in Victoria, now  executive director of ConversationWorks, uses tools that are new to everyone in the class,  including  a WordPress  blog and web site. The class is now wanting to create their own web site, and Ms Newton has taken a  WordPress course offered by UBC.  On Friday, November 5th the creator of What’s Gone Well Today will come to the school and help the students   develop skills in  interviewing and new media.

It’s not only her students who love the program. “The assistant superintendent of schools came to my class to see what we were doing because my principal told him about how we are participating in ‘what went well today at school’.I had the website open on my computer behind my desk so I was able to show him some of the pictures. He was very excited about it!”

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Based in Victoria, BC What’s Gone Well  receives between 600- 1000 views / day from many countries around the world. The school’s program is by invitation  and helps teachers, and students focus on what’s gone well today in class and their community. This Friday we’ll feature workshops lead by the creator of WGWT, Christopher Bowers, a Marshall McLuhan Distinguished Teacher Award recipient. Students will be given opportunities to report What’s Gone Well this week in school, in both written and video posts on the project blog. They will be taught how to conduct , shoot and upload video interviews..

For more information please contact:

Christopher Bowers Backgrounder
Executive Director, ConversationWorks
250 213 5340


Video Story Catching: New Media Workshop
The video pieces we might shoot would be kids talking about .. and including visuals of some of the proect work that’s gone well.. and why they love it
Their parents would love it.. and we’d show the kids how easy it is to do this.. especially with a iPhone… which precludes having to use a heavy duty editing suite..

1. get an idea for a story
2. come up with the questions
3. coach the person being interviewed a bit
4. shoot it
5. press a button to upload it to YouTube.. or other video archive site.