Resources for schools

What’s Gone Well Today™ provides time-effective tools for busy leaders and managers to engage with stakeholders in their schools, to find strengths, reduce stress,  have happier and healthier staff, improve communication, and  maintain their own balance and momentum. The cards provide a quick reference to key questions that build empathy around research-based .metaphors.  Our training programs  provide participants the opportunity to dig deeply into the practice,  and help others adjust to the new questions that we are  engaging them with. Finally and most importantly it helps individuals make the shift of heart that will ensure success.

Here are some links and resources for school leaders.
Our metaphors for building empathy, and possible ways to use our WGWT  cards.
Some of our deliverables and why they are important for the present and future work places (including schools).
A first step for a school: just one department may take the leap to WGWT — what an impact that would have!
Imagine the effect on staff meetings, conversations with staff, parents and students, parent interviews, staff parties, department meetings, morning announcements.

For classroom teachers
What’s Gone Well Today ™ at School which provides staff and students the opportunity to share WGWT moments on our web site. It is changing teachers’ perspectives and lives.
What’s Gone Well Today™ at School is a question, in fact a movement designed to shift our thinking, to bring out the best in our own experiences at school, with the friends and new faces in our classes. We’re encouraging students and teachers to share experiences that have gone well. We hope that people will discover the breakthrough moments in their days, and share what they are learning in their teaching and sharing at school.