How to use What Gone Well Today at School

  • How to use WGWT in your school
    All teachers and students are welcomed to use our site and its tools. There are three levels students can take part:
    1. simply write a few sentences in a comment ( reply) with their own name or username. They are welcome to use their own email address, or can use
    2. be registered as a user with the site’s administrator, and thus be able to post and edit their comments, and add images to your submissions.
    3. school based editors to help with quality control of comments.WGWT at School was created, and moderated by an award winning teacher who taught from k-12, in over 17 schools. .. details… No personal information is required on the site.All comments are to be in good taste and respectful of the site and other members.
    All content is carefully moderated and must be approved before being posted on the site.