What’s Gone Well Today Card deck

Our aim is to help organizations become more empathetic. The 19 metaphors provide users with choices on what level or aspect of empathy they want to work with, develop or strengthen.

Have you ever noticed that asking the right questions is more important than having the right answers? In fact, quality of life is shaped by the quality of questions we ask ourselves and others. New challenges demand new questions and fresh conversations.

Success in all realms (personal, professional, community) is tied to asking breakthrough questions. Innovation often begins with a breakthrough conversation. Asking a great question is like turning on a tap. The ideas flow, we become curious, and we start to think on a new level.
Quite simply, you have the opportunity to change your success in business, personal life and community life by thinking about questions in a new way.
Great open ended questions can transform your conversations, a relationship, your organization and your experience.

We’ve drawn on some major thinkers like Covey, Glasser, Alder and Senge, Jaworski, Flowers & Scharmer as well as on the Noetic Institute researchers Schlitz, Vieten and Amorok and Paul Gossen at Business Transformed.

Making it work:

Start by asking yourself the questions on the cards. They may be challenging but the insights received will be revealing, and are the best preparation for using the cards with others.