Conversation Works… the story

Current upgrades and changes:

Creating  web based tools to allow collaborative processes  using our card deck.


‘Life-changing’ is overused, but in this case well-deserved for our tools and process. What’s Gone Well Today ( (WGWT) has the potential to discover a sense of intimacy or connection with every conversation we have. As with any performance, there’s a risk and a reward.

ConversationWorks builds new communication models  and tools to help transform how we engage with our world, how we tell our story.  In a world full of small talk and distraction, the value of asking fresh questions is clear,  and  begins to build connections and intimacy between strangers in appropriate ways.. Getting and holding another person’s attention has becomes paramount and relationship of all kinds becomes central to our existence. A new dictum for today: I am connected, therefore I exist ~Jeremy Rifkin

At ConversationWorks .. we see ‘connected’ not as a technological issue, but a human one. It has changed personal lives, dramatically improved long term marriage, reinvigorated professional careers in addition to the deliverables for work-teams

ConversationWorks’ What’s Gone Well  Today™ is a question, in fact a movement  designed to shift the way we think about our days, to  re-frame our own experiences, and our attempts at daily connection with the people we meet and spend time with,  to go from ‘how’s it going’ to ‘what’s gone  well today?’ People find  more highlights  in their day,  and discover  deeper connections with one another.
WGWT helps people reflect on their own lives and what good is occurring today.

ConversationWorks is fine tuning its tool set to focus on creating collaborative processes. Specifically each of our 19 metaphors cards provides questions that help prompt sharing of our stories and discoveries about our  particular experiences.  User responses to any of the questions for each card will be stored, and be able to be retrieved by any registered user.


Backstory on the creator and principal of ConversationWorks
Research base for  the benefits of a positive focus


The tools:
Conversation Works Card Deck  – actual cards + Android App

Collaborative Board...  synopsis

  • How often are you in a diverse group of strangers, where one gets to mention an issue to them, and the rest of the people in the group are solely focused on how they can help you resolve that? That’s what WGWT is to me.
  • “This is the most interesting thing I’ve done since university.” .. business leader.
  • a veteran tells why she loves these

Training program 

A list of our deliverables..

Web presence/ social media:
web site:
Facebook Group:  What’s Gone Well Today
Twitter:  @whatsgonewell

WGWT at School
Designed to shift our thinking, to bring out the best in teachers, students and parents’ experiences at school,   and with the friends and new faces in our classes . We’re encouraging students and teachers to share experiences that have gone well. We hope that people will find  more highlights in their day,  and share what they are enjoying in their learning and playing at school.

Feedback, from a grade 4 student,  about our school program to help teachers , students and parents  acknowledge and celebrate  WGWT at School:
‘I really like the idea of this blog. It has changed the way I think of things. When I have a bad day and I come to post I don’t think of the bad I think of the good. When I think about the good things in that day I start to think of other good things about yesterday or maybe the good things I could do tomorrow! That really does help to brighten up my mood whether I am thinking about today tomorrow or yesterday What’s Gone Well Today has changed the way I When I am negative about being in Montreal What’s Gone Well Today forces me o think positive I really enjoy putting effort into this and looking forward to posting at the end of the week. Brain storming with my friends and classmates. Thank you for making this awesome site for kids and adults’

(This student moved across the country in May and yet as stayed in touch with her classmates and teacher on our site, still sharing WGWT in her days.)

Story Catching..  my video camera is always at hand to capture and leveraage poignant and thoughtful moments. is a container of much of these.  < detail>

Community School Interviews – an 8 minute documentary about  our profound program  to help students and teachers experience the power of questions as a key to exploring life options, and understand how  the wider world works.It’s based on the concept of ‘the better  the question, the better the story’  This program was the genesis of seeing how important learning how to ask questions is, and that it is not just students who need to learn this important skill.


Media and materials :

The vision, ( early stages) and rationale  2010 presentation at Idea Wave.  a 10 minute video

Backstory of ConversationWorks.. in a radio interview

Posters : a family of posters we produced for Google promo and beyond that captures the spirit, benefits and intent of ConversationWorks


FAQs about ConversationWorks

Award winning journalist talks about the What’s Gone Well Today process to reframe your ‘ordinary day’

An example of streeter interview capturing What’s Gone Well Today .. a recent romance with an 80 yr old in  Eugene, Oregon
Panning for Gold at Google – helping people connect
A teacher who uses WGWT with her class and impact on them – a sense of community. Their weekly focus on WGWT  lead them to adopt a ‘This is way too much fun” attitude throughout the year.
A key to the process – ‘being with them’ when they need something
Film producer : how What’s Gone Well Today cards   open minds and shift conversations

The passion for What’s Gone Well Today.. making positive things happen

What’s Gone Well Today at work.. as a gift yields astonishing  results at a resort