Value of reflecting on experiences at work

New tools to reflect on our experience at work.

‘We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.’
John Dewey

‘If you already know the value of reflection, you understand that it’s a catalyst for change. If you haven’t taken the time to reflect, this is a new opportunity that will offer excellent benefits to you and your company.’

By Dr. Bob Rausch

 The idea of daily reflection on our own experience can yield a range of benefits.  The best person to help you improve your work practices, to become more effective, is us. Being a reflective employee  means being aware of your limitations as well as our strengths and weaknesses.   Thinking about what’s worked and what didn’t in our work is valuable to improve our own performance, but also can provide value for other faced with similar challenges.  The ability to reflect  means considering opportunities, even if they are unfamiliar.

The new tools ConversationWorks has developed called their Collaborative Network are built around important questions that make it easy for employees and management to reflect upon their experience, and in turn for peers and management to read and learn, not only from their own experience but that of others. Finding common ground, or insight from co-workers can improve morale and performance and strengthen teams, and decrease the corporate memory loss.  In fact  some organizations find that when staff have stronger connections amongst themselves, they stay longer with the team or organization.

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