Collaborative Network

Our Collaborative Network  allows  us to engage in more meaningful exchanges, and bring more value to our time, reducing the conversations that we have that are meaningless

What would I do if interested:
1. Write ( login  required)  for a 1 day guest password
2. Visit
3. Choose a theme or metaphor card that interests you. Select one or more of the questions on a card to respond to. Then save your answers.
[The email address asked for in registration will not be shared by us. The system will use it to forward messages to you from those who wish to follow up about an idea you’ve posted.]
4. To explore other’s responses: Read the recent questions and answers from the Balloon dialogue. Search for keywords in questions on particular cards, or from answers other users have supplied. Click on the card icons shown in the response window to read all that user’s responses to that card.
Click on “Answer your own” to respond to this card yourself. Click on “Message this user” to send a private note to the user.