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Consider of all that you do, what was worthwhile, what did you enjoy in your day?   Sharing these moments  may inspire others.

On another note asking someone What’s Gone Well Today? ®, becomes life-changing. Conversations have a fresh perspective.


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  1. Christopher says:

    Davy the Punk
     davyOur first in-home production … with a Canadian folk icon. Lots of details to attend to to make it happen, but a lot of appreciation in the room. Here are some of their comments…

    • Christopher says:

      We enjoyed the performance. The story is one that portrayed a course of history that we were vaguely aware of. To that point, the visual slides were informative and when connected to the story line added a great deal to our understanding and appreciation to the twists and turns of Davey the Punk.

      The music was excellent and nicely paced within the narrative. His guitar playing is fabulous, especially the interludes between the vocals.

      We feel fortunate to have been guests in your living room. It was a wonderful, intimate environment. An artist audience connection that could never be replicated in a theater.

    • Christopher says:

      It was nice to find out a bit of our Canadian history that we don’t hear of much.

    • Christopher says:

      We enjoyed the show very much. Bob was very well prepared, and when he stumbled a bit we appreciate that he acknowledged it by going back to use the right words and resuming. We don’t expect a flawless recitation in a live show.

      It’s a fascinating story, and he clearly did a lot of research to dig it all up, and told it very well. The graphics supported the story and worked.

      I felt a bit like I was hanging at the end – he didn’t really add much about Davy’s life after he quite the gambling business – but perhaps that was intended. It’s not part of the story.

      I do hope he video-records it sometime as it’s great story-telling.

      Seeing it in your house was a huge privilege. You had just the right number of people and it was very personal way to hear Bob who is an icon of Canadian folk music.

  2. Christopher says:

     vacuum clotOur in-house vacuum was underperforming. I’d used a shop-vac and snake to see if we could effect some change. None seemed to make a difference. This morning I went to the central unit and saw some dust hanging outside it. I’d removed the bucket before and had seen no sign of this. When I did this again, I found and pulled out this large clot. System is now performing wonderfully again.

  3. Christopher says:

    davy handbill singleOne of our latest out-of-town guests for Davy the Punk needed a bit of a hand when using eTransfer to pay for her ticket. She was so gracious and keen to learn.A real pleasure to work with. I loved her spirit.. driving from Chemanus for the show, and getting here despite getting a bit lost in Victoria.

  4. Christopher says:

    Found just what I needed
    Needed a new aerial for an FM radio. I went to St Aidans and they looked around, dug deeply and came up with the solution. For free. I love their caring…. and visa versa.

  5. Christopher says:

    Touched by a Belfy production
    She came up at a B4 event at the Belfry and shared how a play in an earlier season changed her life.

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