What’s Gone Well Today? ®

Here’s an easy way to change how we look at our day, and our life.

Consider of all that you do, what was worthwhile, what did you enjoy in your day?   Sharing these moments  may inspire others.

On another note asking someone What’s Gone Well Today? ®, becomes life-changing. Conversations have a fresh perspective.

In the larger picture our tools help organizations become more empathetic. < See our deliverables> Learn more about WGWT and the tools and training we offer. We would love to hear from you!  Please share an experience that’s gone well in your day. Just click on ” Add your comment” or visit our Facebook Group


  1. Christopher says:

    Introduced myself to a 30 something fellow, turns out we have the same name, and I know his son. On the weekend the son and I had talked for a few minutes about his own prowess and passion for baseball, specifically pitching. The son talked about leadership and trust on his team that is so helpful in his own high performance.

    The father heard about the chat and liked the idea of capturing some of his son’s experiences on video as he develops.My moments with the father were a bonding, door opening conversation with someone who minutes before had just been a stranger…..

  2. Christopher says:

    Lovely phone call with an elder friend who was grieving because her cat passed on. When I sensed she might be open to the idea, I encouraged her to get another cat as her house felt so empty, and a wonderful opportunity came up with a cat that she could return if she wanted to. She is so lit up with her new cat. Her home and her voice are alive with love, exploration and playfulness as they see the house, and its environs ( out the window) anew and with wonder.

  3. Christopher says:

    The wisdom that can be drawn from students, in this case, a grade 11 from Oak Bay. I asked him how he is already standing out. He shared this wonderful example of helping a student though peer tutoring, who improved from a C+ to an A+ math score. He was so specific that others could replicate. (Travelers are interested in the stories.. without sketching people out. So I didn’t include his face in the video.)

  4. Christopher says:

    An HR need was met by sharing a brief description of the type of fashion model their company needed. The need was spread around quickly to a couple of her direct contacts, and they in turn put out the word… and a surprising bounty of models with great attitude, came forward within a day.

  5. Kathleen says:

    I just returned from my daily walk to the ocean and being a Traveler in Your Own Town I had a wonderful discovery.. I met the most interesting lady. She was walking a dog and she caught me at the Cook Street Hop Scotch just as I landed on the Smile square! Her comment was well done and you are smiling as well. I took the opportunity to have a conversation. She had just returned from Nepal where she had spent the most enriching 7 years being a administrator for a monastery. A 12-14 hr day filled with ghost writing English speeches on top of numerous other necessary tasks. Now, here she is back in Victoria dog sitting for 3 months. She had given up all her worldly goods to go to Nepal and almost 65 she is back with nothing and rebuilding. She had the most calm and peaceful energy a worry in the world so it seemed. My life feels richer

  6. Christopher says:

    For the first time in 7 years I was able/ chose to take the 15x bus across town to #greendrinksvictoria .I had two remarkable conversations in that time. One with a first year writing student. I asked how she dealt with the ego challenge of having her writing critiqued all the time. “What is a key to your resilience?’ Her solution: Do a lot of writing for yourself. In a journal, or on small pieces of paper. That writing is personal and safe. I told her what a cool solution that was… She said she’d write that down.

    As she was getting off the bus she introduced herself.. Another unforgettable moment with a thoughtful, quiet stranger sitting beside me on the bus.

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