What’s Gone Well Today? ®

Here’s an easy way to change how we look at our day, and our life.

Consider of all that you do, what was worthwhile, what did you enjoy in your day?   Sharing these moments  may inspire others.

On another note asking someone What’s Gone Well Today? ®, becomes life-changing. Conversations have a fresh perspective.


In the larger picture our tools help organizations become more empathetic. < See our deliverables> Learn more about WGWT and the tools and training we offer. We would love to hear from you!  Please share an experience that’s gone well in your day. Just click on ” Add your comment” or visit our Facebook Group


  1. Christopher says:

     re re map Wanted to walk over and drop off a program to one of Loni’s students. We used Google Maps on my phone to guide us to a new neighbourhood on the other side of Mackenzie. It was a wonderful adventure,taking us on paths we had never seen but gone passed many times, for years.

  2. Christopher says:

    A beautiful, early morning, caring Canada moment.

  3. Christopher says:

     library shareEarly morning bike ride to Cadboro Bay looking for a community library box to share some books with. Finding none, I asked a jogger .. She stopped and then told me of one about a km away… before she remembered one about 50 m away.

    I’ve shared books there a couple of times this week.. lots of turnover of quality product!

  4. Christopher says:

     3 friends playOne girl visiting our neighbourhood… and two neighbours in primary school had a wonderful three days of play for hours at a time, playing outside the whole time.

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