What’s Gone Well Today? ®

Here’s an easy way to change how we look at our day, and our life.

Consider of all that you do, what was worthwhile, what did you enjoy in your day?   Sharing these moments  may inspire others.

On another note asking someone What’s Gone Well Today? ®, becomes life-changing. Conversations have a fresh perspective.


In the larger picture our tools help organizations become more empathetic. < See our deliverables> Learn more about WGWT and the tools and training we offer. We would love to hear from you!  Please share an experience that’s gone well in your day. Just click on ” Add your comment” or visit our Facebook Group


  1. Liz says:

    Toddlers for AnarchyMy senior neighbours are political refugees, who work hard at low-paying jobs, and keep their property blooming and tidy, but not much happiness showing. Last year they became grandparents to a wonderfully beautiful little boy. This little fellow can now walk, and likes to bring his grandad around the neighbourhood to visit anyone they meet. The care the grandad gives him, and the glow of happiness shown on his face when he is with this toddler is lovely to see … it cheers us all up!

  2. Christopher says:

     gonzales bayA delightfully simple picnic created by Ashleigh: bagette, cheese, just picked tomatoes, olives and fizzy water on the beautiful beach of Gonzales Bay+ Two spirited and obedient puppies added to the fun

  3. Christopher says:

     swan lakeTook two new-to-Victoria friends to Swan Lake. It was my first time on the dock . It was beautiful.

  4. Christopher says:

     moon watch Time for a moon watch. The supermoon eclipse drew people out of their homes. We walked up Mt Tolmie. Such expectancy and community! The people scene was more interesting than the moon which was hidden by clouds for some time. When we returned home we got our best views from the end of our street and met a favourite neighbour who we rarely see.

  5. Christopher says:

     drop box iconSolved glitch which prevented me from using Safari and Dropbox. Talking to Apple Support didn’t help. Two days after spending about two hours on this, I got an idea about clearing the proxies and when I turned them off in Preferences, everything worked. It was stunning.

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