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Imagine making good connections in every conversation you enter into! Shifting thinking about your own day to focus on What’s Gone Well Today? ®, becomes life-changing. In the larger picture our tools help organizations become more empathetic. < See our deliverables> Learn more about WGWT and the tools and training we offer. We would love to hear from you!  Please share an experience that’s gone well in your day. Just click on ” Add your comment” or visit our Facebook Group


  1. Christopher says:

    I noticed a credit on my m/c balance, followed a month later with a finance charge on my wife’s for the same month ( which had a smaller balance due). Upon further checking I saw the month I had paid too much on one acct, saw an unpaid balance ( and a service charge) on the other. I called them, it was resolved and the finance charge reversed.

  2. Christopher says:

    A woman renting next door took it upon herself to cut the very long lawn for her house mates. She picked up a landlord’s mower, but neither she nor her parents could start it. After about an hour, they gave up and used a weed whacker. This morning she checked that it could start, but couldn’t get it going herself. I looked at it.. primed it, disengaged the clutch.. and it started. New territory.. I made sure she understood how to do it herself. Neighbourhood building!

  3. Christopher says:

    In cleaning our deck I noticed one of the 3 drains was no longer working. I cleaned it out but to no avail. Puzzled I thought of how water works… and used a hose on two of the drains.. putting high pressure down them.. It blew the blockage out the bottom of the drains which I had detached.

  4. Liz says:

    Quick thinking senior safe and happy
    I got caught when driving in a sudden, heavy rain by my windshield wiper skidding off the glass. It went way off the side, past the rear-view mirror, and when I stopped and put it back on the glass, it immediately did it again. It wasn’t safe driving like this, as I had to lean over and look out the passengers side of the window to see. So I carefully drove to the dealer’s repair shop. It was now noon, and no mechanics were around. I asked the pleasant receptionist if anyone with a screwdriver could help me. In a few seconds a young viking was working on my car. He had just the right tool and bolt, and it was fixed and checked in two minutes. No charge and everyone was happy.

  5. Mal says:

    The great gift of taking a few moments to give ourselves credit for what we’ve done in our day.

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