What people say about Collaborative Board

What stood out for me tonight…what resonated is  how easy and effective it  is using the shortest of the  questions. What do you need? Who do you need to meet?..  You  enter into the practice to get to that  simple place..  Barb Armstrong

There is a sense of community …really being there for the other person, listening to them

Conversation Works is a powerful force in peoples lives and my experience on the collaboration board was uplifting and illuminating.

I first didn’t understand your emphasis on brevity, but 90 minutes later I see the magic, power and potential of brevity. Gene Miller

Whenever you are faced with a challenge, it’s good to know you are never alone, and the Board offers that kind of support.

This is uncommon conversation.. but also pattern breaking. Being popped by someone who I don’t really know , with a question that is seemingly unrelated, causes me to reframe everything, constantly changing ground. It makes everything shimmer. There’s a sense of acceleration, so you have to reintegrate really fast, and that’s an important skill.  Ayrie

My own questions seem so complex to me, but the questions I was asked were so simple. There’s something comforting in that for me.

What we offer:
At Collaboration Boards find answers and insights to your business issues and initiatives, develop new communication skills,  make valuable connections, begin conversations with other  diverse talented  inspiritors and collaborators  that will bring resources and opportunities unattainable through  previously known avenues.

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