Collaborative Board: Projects, Initiatives and Issues

Here are examples brought to previous Collaborative Boards



How to better prospect and better meet their business needs.
Sent off a big project to Toronto and everything else is on a holding pattern until I get a response.

Maybe I’m just not curious about people. That’s my issue.  k

Always trying to improve my product and service.
Decided not to move.. shift to making Victoria more of a home.
In the middle of making a very big decison about my career which is very scary.
Looking for new ways to network rather than stand around and say the usual.
Also have a business on the side and I’d like to see how that can develop so I can quit my day job.
I’d like to better understand my own stress.

I want to become more confident talking to a room of people that know something that I don’t know that much about.
I’m starting  a new business and looking for new ideas.

Ready to make changes but am scared to death. I can’t not make change.

I’ve been invited to join a nfp board that has grown exponentially.  My interest to be on the board, it to create a social enterprise to help them fund this endeavour.

Creating a playground at our school.
How to make cold calls, warm.
Make my seminars stand out from the crowd.
Help others be the best they can be.
Doing something good in my own back yard..
Next steps at work.
Ways to help whale watching clients contribute to the 1% for the Planet.
Running my own business, improving in different aspects like marketing.

Selecting a room mate.
Become a better communicator.
Better understand my own stress.
How to better prospect, especially with First Nation clients.
While starting a new company, maintaining a high quality of service
Stopping procrastination on my education/ training.
Finding a balance in all that I take on.
Getting my team at work to be more responsible.
Making the public more engaged around our project.
Making the most out of  holiday in Europe.
Raising $200 000 in thirty days.
How to keep thinking outside the box?
About to make a very large decision about my career, and it’s scary.
Like to expand a business service that I currently do on the side.
Have a major networking event to plan and I’ve never done something like this before.

Launching a major project.
I need more resources to put on an event.
Creating a new process for marine safety.
Volunteering.. how to get more people involved.
Avoiding burnout while working on projects of passion.
How to get the best from the people we’re working with