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What we offer:
At Collaboration Boards find answers and insights to your business issues and initiatives, develop new communication skills,  make valuable connections, begin conversations with other  diverse talented  inspiritors and collaborators  that will bring resources and opportunities unattainable through  previously known avenues.

Synopsis of what Collaborative Boards offer members

How does it work?

You have been nominated by a ConversationWorks alumni, and have been selected to join a diverse group of professionals who are fascinated with learning and open to build new connections.
Participants form groups of three and focus on the project or initiative  that individuals bring to the group. The ConversationWorks  metaphors provide a filter or foundation for the direction of the questions that are raised.

What people say about Your Collaborative Board:

How often are you in a diverse group of strangers, where one gets to mention an issue to them, and the rest of the people in the group are solely focused on how they can help you resolve that? That’s what WGWT is to me

It’s introduced me to people I would never have been able to meet, who can help me  with funding my research.

For me a Collaborative Board is a group of highly motivated individuals, with integrity, that have come together to meet like-minded business people, to find out how we can be better in business.

The group is facilitated by WGWT creator, Christopher Bowers

The Union Club
805 Gordon Street
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