TEDX: Making the Shift to Authentic Conversation


Subtext on the title: The Power of Curiousity  and Personal Story

Lives and experiences  are being  transformed by powerful questions. These can be used for  personal reflection, or connection with others.  It’s all based on the  belief that  everyone has a story worth knowing and sharing. We’re going to celebrate what makes  life worth living, what we bring  to each day. We’ll look how to craft the questions that bring out the ‘golden stories.’
This is a highly engaging presentation with immediate implications and  applications for personal and business life.  We will look at  18 ways that asking a good question can help in personal or business life. For further info  please visit   WhatsGoneWellToday.com
ConversationWorks’ mission is to transform how people engage with their world. We started out with one question and now have a tool set, and a new way of socializing , a new learning style that adds value to professional and entrepreneurial ventures as well.
Sometimes it just takes a friendly person with a smile, asking  What’s Gone Well Today, to look at our day in a deeper way. The tools and models ConversationWorks has developed help individuals and organizations break out of traps and routines, to breakdown stale social patterns to experience new socializing in daily conversation. Most conversation stays at the supercial or dwells on the negative.  With the questions from ConversationWorks we start to look for the positive moments  in our lives, in our communities, and build on them.
The tools we’ve created provide for indivdual reflection to contemplate and find meaning and value in our daily responsibilities. Once comfortable ourselves with the tools, we can use them to explore possibilites with colleagues and strangers alike.
In this interactive TEDx experience learn keys to success in this new socializing Walk away with  not only the keys, but at least two questions that will help unlock greater potential in daily conversations.

The questions we ask largely determine the successes in our personal, business and community life.

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After a career of teaching  in public  schools, Christopher Bowers is now principal of ConversationWorks, which creates new models and tools for communication.   He works with education,  business and community organizations to understand the power of great questions and the resulting rich personal story. He runs public and private Collaborative Boards to introduce and apply his tools around initiatives and projects that board members want clarity about.
Christopher also coordinates Green Drinks Victoria, a network that supports sustainable business and community development on a   monthly basis.

His latest initiative is the launch of What’s Gone Well Today.com associated Facebook group. Their latest tools in a ConversationWorks phone app.