Power of Curiousity and Personal Story

What do we value in life? Lives are being transformed by powerful questions. It’s all based on the belief that everyone has a story worth knowing and sharing. We’re going to celebrate what makes life worth living, what we bring to each day. We’ll look how to craft the questions that bring out the ‘golden stories.’

This is a highly engaging workshop with immediate implications and applications for personal and business life.


Earlier feedback included:

An interesting question you heard, thought of, or asked:

Where does hope reside?
When did your dreams change?
what do you do each day to stay & live in the moment?
How to stay balanced yet enthused?
What’s a strategic withdrawal?
How do others deal with guilt?
What is self?
What was the transformational moment?
What is the role of art in improving life?
What do you need?
What strengths did you resource to change?
What story has influenced you lately?
How to inspire people.
Tell us an experience of being transformed?