Non Profits: Organization development

Building on Strengths: Looking at What’s Gone Well Today ( WGWT) in your Organization

With constraints on time and resources,  knowing where to allocate these to make the biggest difference in an organization  is a key to organizational development. The greatest return on our efforts to improve is building on  current strengths.  The WGWT initiative provides tools and strategies to identify  the ‘low hanging fruit’ to improve your organization. In the process WGWT will improve communication, strengthen  teams,  identify what’s working  in your organization and help management plan for greater success.

–One of our team talks about the importance of building on strengths from his work at Google

  • Help management know what is working, where they should put their resources.
  • Team building – people will be celebrating what’s working. Staff will have a direct impact on highlighting the stories that count.
  • Staff retention through being listened to.
  • Fresh ways to let donors know of WGWT with the organization.
  • Strengthening donor  support base

Conversation Works creates a secure page for each company to have their employees share their What’s Gone Well Today experiences.
Conversation Works provides a summary of the week’s findings on a passworded web page.
15 minute phone huddle  once a week to reinforce and look at next steps in  the process.

Time requirements of staff:
1 hour training/ introduction

15 minute phone huddle per week ( on site or  on speaker phone) with staff/ working group
15 minutes / day posting on  password protected web page
Management – 10 minutes per day for posting
– 20 minutes  per week to review report

ConversationWorks will provide the paperwork to apply for  a grant to pay for this  service.