Open to a Conversation


Are you were interested in having an authentic conversation with a stranger?

A program to help engaging with strangers. At its core is a button, an  accessory you can wear whenever you have a few minutes available for a connection with a stranger. It gives others ‘permission’ to break through social barriers and take a first step, to open a door.

Meeting strangers on the street is different than  talking with people you already know.
Sometimes the signals that people use  are not clear. Even socially capable people may not want to engage with others on the bus, etc. One female hipster/ entrepreneur said, “It’s alarming and stressful when strangers try to engage with me when I don’t want to .  But when I’m ready, I love to.”

People  who ‘subscribe’ to this  program will  receive/ read the starter kit.. with some great sample questions.. and  simple  guidelines on a card that came with the button.

FAQ about our program
Challenges in conversation
Tips for more effective conversation:
Impact of a conversation with a caring stranger
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