ConversationWorks in Schools

In its simplest form ConversationWorks  moves conversations beyond small talk  to focus on What’s Gone Well Today™. Replacing ‘How you doing?’ with “What’s Gone Well Today™?”  alone can do much to enhance our conversations.

Beyond that,  we provide  hands-on and virtual tools to support those who wish to engage others to begin  ‘a new conversation’, to transform their classroom cultures, conversations and relationships with parents, teachers and staff.

From classrooms to boardrooms to conferences, ConversationWorks re-frames the way questions are asked and information is shared. We provide new tools to help move beyond small talk, to celebrate what’s gone well in our and others’ days.

Users of ConversationWorks are from around the world, from elementary students to elders all drawn to ways to start a new conversation, all interested in hearing what’s gone well, what’s working.

We provide

  • a WGWT at School program which changes the lives. and relationships, of both teachers, pupils  and parents.
  • web tools to allow sharing What’s Gone Well Today reflections on an anonymous user-name basis.  Both web and Facebook provide dynamic workspaces.
  • a 20 card deck of metaphors to create empathetic communication each with insightful, disarming questions.
  • an android-based phone app of our card deck
  • introductory workshops on using the tools and creating an empathetic community of users
  • Collaborative Boards: provides a new way of socializing, a new style of listening focused on initiatives, projects or issues brought by each board member
  • presentations ranging from 10 to 120 minutes to inspire and motivate this new way of listening to others, and looking at our days

Christopher Bowers is the principal  of ConversationWorks , dedicated to transforming the way we engage with our world. He has worked with individuals, organizations, community groups, schools, including giving his one hour presentation to Google at Mountain View, California.