Conversation challenges for individuals and organizations

What challenges and impacts would you add?

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Challenges people have in conversation ….

  • Feel uncomfortable  initiating or responding to a conversation?
  • Feel more comfortable texting, than talking in person?
  • Do you go for hours without direct connection at work?
  • Don’t know how to start a conversation with  a question?
  • Tired of conversations that go nowhere, or
  • Wary of conversations that take up too much time?
  • Finding your conversations end up being the same?
  • Stressed by not knowing what to ask at mixers or social events
The impact on the staff
  • Boredom at work.
  • Little or no communication at work.
  • Feeling like an outside,  disconnected and not listened to.
  • Work environment feels like a slog.
  • Have nothing new to wrap your head around at work.
  • Have few friends at work.
  • Finding  work monotonous. Looking for fresh challenges.
  • Low employee loyalty.
  • Poor employee retention.
  • Low morale.