ConversationWorks transforms lives and workplaces. It  improves attitudes, performance, fosters creativity,  decreases stress and deepens communication.    Here are video clips talking about each of our deliverables

We are accepting nominations for individuals who wish to make a shift in their engagement with others. Twelve people will be chosen to take part in this experience.
These workshops serves a number of  purposes, including:

  • Introduction of  powerful ideas and tools to shift thinking to enhance  more empathetic conversations and relationships
  • Deep connections for twelve people interested in transformation on a personal, organizational  or community level

Our workshops provide an

1.  Introduction to What’s Gone Well Today and look at 2 metaphors         See: Metaphor Groups

2. An introduction to  Conversation Works’ Collaborative  Board: an opportunity to build momentum in your conversation skills around one or more of your  current initiatives or projects.