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“Hi” is a wealth of information that will encourage you, entice you, to take the first tentative steps to engage with others, to develop a sense of worth in ones involvement with others, and with the community we share.
I highly recommend this treasure trove of practices, delightful story ‘snippets’, and compelling rationale for conversation. — Ken Annandale, Educator

We welcome your comments, and experiences as you let conversation change your life after reading the book.


  1. Kerry says:

    How do I order the Hi! book??

  2. Anna Love says:

    I loved reading what people had to say about your new book. I am grateful to be a part of conversation works and to have had the opportunity to be enriched with your vision early on. It has changed the way I converse with people I meet, to get to the heart of it.

  3. Joan Lawrence says:

    I completed my read last night and thought I would share my some of my notes with you. I don’t like to mark beautiful 📚

    Firstly, it is a beautiful book…inviting and crossing easily into the internet world…”this frustrating age of digital self-absorption” (forward). It is written with respect for the language arts as well as conversational arts. Great examples of clear communication.

    I liked the reference “Good tonic for the soul in these turbulent times.”

    I often think of Conversation as an old fashioned art form…a lost art. People talking at, and then tuning out. You remind us of its importance , and yes The Art of Conversation.p78

    I was doing my Bible study this morning and came across James 3:13. King James

    “Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? Let him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom.”
    I support totally “the depth people are able to share when they feel heard.”p126

    I agree “everyone has a story”

    P157 conversations must start from within.
    We are at a time of “social isolation and civic disengagement.”

    I like the creative risks you take in your lives…ie. music after math class. P127

    What a lot of work, sharing and history have gone into
    Conversation Changes Lives”

    Thank you for letting me have a first read.

  4. Nadia says:

    Inspiring, thought provoking, includes a dash of humour and in a couple spots provokes soul tugging tears.

  5. Mal says:

    I just had a What’s Gone Well moment. Both of us share our love of riding buses to because it’s a great opportunity to talk with strangers. I just had a moment. I was talking with a woman on the bus. She said, ‘ Thank you for talking to me. I’m actually having a very hard day, and people don’t usually talk to me on the bus.” It’s just so neat to share a moment like that.

    it was such a special moment… I forget sometimes that we don’t always realize our impact on others, or get any view into that at all! I smiled all day knowing that someone’s day was a little better because we had a few words together.

  6. Christopher says:

    One of the themes in the book is ‘ the potential in every conversation with a stranger.’
    Today on the bus, the leg room was so confined I couldn’t turn to face the university student I sat beside. She was reading, and I asked if I could take her away from her reading.
    ‘What are you taking at University?’
    Music.. voice performance.
    We talked about her priorities, how being an introvert was an asset as so much of her time was preparing for performance, in a small practice room, on her own.

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