new interface

From a conversation with Peter Leveque, a leader in knowledge mobilization from  Ottawa. If interested in hearing the whole interview on the phone, I will send it to you.

1. smaller balloon
2. search at the top right   ( that’s where the eye rests)

3. provide back ground info..  allow them to mine the card on what   “Turning on the Tap”, or “Activating your radar” means.  On the top right of the card,  we have the   x.. on the left we could have a   ?  which could give people who want more info about each metaphor, a place to quickly get it.. like a  glossary entry

4.Use this as the text on the opening screen:

Have you ever noticed that asking the right questions is more important than having the right answers? In fact, quality of life is shaped by the quality of questions we ask ourselves and others. New challenges demand new questions and fresh conversations.

Success in all realms (personal, professional, community) is tied to asking breakthrough questions. Innovation often begins with a breakthrough conversation. Asking a great question is like turning on a tap. The ideas flow, we become curious, and we start to think on a new level.