Teacher as Hero conversation

Location:  our home  3825 Midgard Place
250 213 5340

Time :                           Monday, August 29th
7:15pm to  ~ 9 pm

My mission in all that I do is to bring people and ideas together.  The members of Teacher  as Hero are all remarkable professionals. What new collaborations and conversations may start from this  tete-a-tete!  Meeting or talking to each of you  has been inspiring just in itself.

While all of you are exemplary ‘teachers’  the range of ‘students’ and approaches is remarkably diverse.

Here are the videos of each of our members, beginning with the latest addition, Darlene Clover, UVic.  “We” is my favourite noun..   Here Darlene talks about the power of ‘WE”
In a way it captures the spirit of Teacher as Hero initiative.
Watch for our next member ( Jody Paterson’s)  video in a week.

Would love to have you join us.
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