About ConversationWorks

We are a registered nonprofit, aka as CS Interviews,
Incorporated in BC as S-52148
With Charities Directorate as 84463 3180

Mission Statement: Conversation Works transforms how you engage with your world

Vision: People connecting and communicating in deeper, faster, fresher ways in their personal and business lives..

ConversationWorks…. is a set of tools designed to re-frame our own experiences, and our attempts at daily connection with the people we meet and spend time with,  to go from ‘how’s it going’ to ‘what’s gone  well today?’ We hope that people will find  more highlights  in their day,  and discover  deeper connections with one another.

One of our tools, The ConversationWork’s Collaborative Network  helps people reflect on their own lives and what good is occurring today.

Both individuals and organizations  sometimes  get trapped into their own world and  culture. .  Sometimes it just takes a friendly person with a smile, asking  What’s Gone Well Today ™ to look at our day in a fresh way..   We dwell so often in the negative.  With this question we  start to look for the positive moments  in our lives, and build on them.

We welcome your using the question many times in your day, whether within your own thought, with a friend , or with  a stranger. We would  love to have your experience help others.

For your organization ConversationWorks can help
personal and professional staff development
team  and trust building
client engagement
culture enhancement and  assessment
performance evaluation
stress reduction
employee rentention
community building
make life and work more fun

Workshop design:
Training can range from one to one,  to large group presentations.
It can be enhanced by having  video display capacity.
An introduction can take place at an early morning staff meeting,at one location, to working with specific teams across the a number of branches in the day.
It can be enhanced by  video capture of some of the WGWT experiences that people share. These can be shared strictly on your intranet, or be included in the ChangeEverything site.

ConversationWorks was created by Christopher Bowers, to offer programs, strategies and tools to bring people and ideas together.. For more information on Christopher and the story-based programs  they offer please visit  ConversationWorks.ca.  ConversationWorks is the brand of CS Interviews Society, a registered charity.


  1. Roy says:

    On Monday we went to Burnaby Village Museum. It was fun because we went on a carousel ride. Today we will have gym also we will have pizza for lunch, I can’t wait to eat it!

  2. Roy says:

    Today we went to gym we did stations. The hockey was fun because we got to sit on the scooters. Then we played frisbee, we got to throw the frisbee on the wall. I am thankful for my mom and dad and my teacher, i am also thankful for my warm house and the air we breath.

  3. Anoop says:

    Today we did math and we had to count by twos. At gym we ran three times around the gym. In guitar we learned a new song about the brain I liked it so much that I wanted to sing it again. I am thankful for the food we eat. I am thankful for my life. I am thankful for school.

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