About ConversationWorks

  •  Conversations matter… We can engage with people differently and this will affect our behaviour, psychology, physiology…
  • Our philosophy is “Good input in… Great output out”
  • Vision: People connecting and communicating in deeper, faster, fresher ways in their personal and business lives..
  • ConversationWorks…. is a set of tools designed to re-frame our own experiences, and our attempts at daily connection with the people we meet and spend time with,  to go from ‘how’s it going’ to ‘what’s gone  well today?’ We hope that people will find  more highlights  in their day,  and discover deeper connections with colleagues and new contacts.


Concrete ways we can help




















Workshop design:

  • Training can range from one to one,  to large group presentations.
  • It can be enhanced by having  video display capacity.
  • An introduction can take place at an early morning staff meeting,at one location, to working with specific teams across the a number of branches in the day.
It can be enhanced by  video capture of some of the WGWT experiences that people share.

ConversationWorks was created by Christopher Bowers, to offer programs, strategies and tools to bring people and ideas together.. For more information on Christopher and the story-based programs  they offer please visit  ConversationWorks.ca.  ConversationWorks is the brand of CS Interviews Society, a registered charity.