What government staff said

What were you expecting? What surprised you?
An opportunity to talk to new people to perhaps, find some inspiration in their story which might help me shape the next chapter(s) of my story. To reflect on my story.

To learn about the value of conversation and how amazing it is that from one simple question many more interesting questions can evolve so easily when focused on this.

There is a room full of exciting people.

I was surprised by how interested people are to your stories. It’s very unexpected when people are so surprised at such a young age, that I’ve done so much.

Chris’ personal story, not my own.

Classroom instruction. It was great that we plunged in right away.

It would be uncomfortable. I enjoy listening and it made me open up.

I was expecting maybe longer life story, or something predictable.
I like the spotlighting, the more random way of generating questions/ I like the spotlight focus session ( CSI)

What surprised me was how easy it can be. Just ask the right question and you can receive a wealth of information.

I wasn’t sure but suspected I would need to talk to people I don’t know which makes me feel uncomfortable. It surprised me that I had fun.

I had no idea what to expect.
What surprised me the most was how much you can find out about a person you don’t know , in three minutes.

How easy it was to talk with new people.

The amount of work I had to do.  ( It was much more interactive that I had anticipated.)

What did you learn about yourself and others?

That there are questions that bring out things in your life you don’t realize. Almost like creating epiphanies.

I liked to hear the themes at the end. It makes me realize how much commonality we have.

It’s safe to be more open. We’re all alike.

That I really didn’t know how to ask questions. Now I do.

Fact-based stories are not always as interesting as emotion-based stories.

I need to take more time to do this! Life is busy and sometimes self doesn’t get enough attention. Thanks!

To open to explore others.

So much , which is great considering you only have three minutes with a person.

The fascinating and totally unexpected background in the military of one young staff member and her career goal.

The BEST questions are like dowsing rods. They reveal the payload.

About myself: It was hard for me to come up with a question for others to ask me.

People are generally open to sharing of themselves if you ask the right questions and take the time to listen.

That I can open up to a stranger which is normally not my nature.

I love it!  It’s more transcendent that the version I use.. The more random way of generating questions. No it’s not random, it’s fiendishly (divinely) self-revealing because the subject generates the questions.

What was new for you?

All the talking.

Just ask a question and the result is endless.

Format of having someone at the front of the class to ask questions about. Great exercise.

Speaking openly to someone I do not know.

Interacting, speaking

This wasn’t new to me, but I do love the idea of themes. I used to use it a lot in career counseling and groups. Also linking talents and needs on networks.

The questions.
I’m not open to people enough and it forced me out of my comfort zone.

Asking questions and thinking about questions to ask.

My life is compressed. Time is limited for casual conversations. The idea that there is value, not just for the conversing partners, but for the organization is novel for me.

How could you use these ideas?
Could use these ideas to improve listening skills. Learning to communicate and learning about myself from others experience.

Could definitely use it with friends or family to find out things that you had no idea about.

Good reminder to be curious, to accept many points of view.

I don’t need to be afraid anymore about asking questions.

Great way to get to know colleagues better, network, relationship builder with spouses, etc. It’s surprising what we don’t know about each other.

When welcoming/meeting new staff

As I’m in a new position here it will be useful to get to know my colleagues sooner than I normally would. I actually got some really good ideas and advice for a project that I’ve been procrastinating on. Great!

On lunch-time walk/ staff walks.
Ideas from the session may contribute to putting me in a better mood. I sometimes get into a mood where I prefer that certain people don’t talk to me. If I adopt the underlying philosophy of this session I will enjoy and embrace each conversation.
In making questions.
In all areas of my life. I’m thinking ahead to when my kids will be teenagers and how to get them to talk without feeling like they are being interrogated.

Could use either in personal or professional situation – learn the insight or information you wish to acquire.

Why did you enjoy it

This was difficult for me because my nature is more quiet and introspective that most people.

Gave me an opportunity to get to know about people I work with in the ministry.

Positive and reaffirming.

The intuitive process of thinking of questions that naturally follow the course of the others persons’ disclosures. Learning of others questions.

I loved telling my story and sharing my experience because a majority are unaware of your accomplishments.

Because I have just finished writing my Master’s Thesis on dialogue in the public sector and the power of questions is a wonderful extension , reinforcement of the concepts I have learned, the recommendations I have made.

Interesting , fun and a great way to learn more about my colleagues – thank you.

I could feel that I had 100% focus and they weren’t thinking of other things while I spoke.

Because I am interested in learning about other people’s life experiences/ adventures.

Enjoyed communicating and opening up to new ideas.
Learning other’s themes.
The opportunity to meet new people.

It was engaging, kept me interested, awake  (I usually can’t sit still for more than 30 minutes without feeling sleepy.

The questions were safe because they were my own.
It was interesting to hear other’s stories.

Interesting questions you heard

  • Do you ever find yourself feeling jealous of others?
    Who are your role models and why?
    What has life taught you?

How has this helped you with your relationships with your parents and your children?
How someone acted on an opportunity.
Where are you going next in life?

Would you like to have another session like this? Why or why not?

I think one question is fine, but would like to have questions asked of me without making them up myself.
Definitely, gives me a voice and forces me to speak about my accomplishments that others don’t know about.

Yes, because I’d like to get better at thinking of open-ended questions.

Yes, these skills are invaluable.

No, I get the main idea of how it works.

Maybe, but not exactly the same. Something that was the ‘next level?’

Yes, it’s an excellent session as it helped me to extend my PR skills.

I would like to live this way always.