StoryCatching at your event

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What if...

You could engage more of your  delegates
Your delegates  could share ideas, projects, initiatives with everyone at the conference
Delegates could learn from others experience that they didn’t have a chance to meet at the conference.
Delegates felt that their experience was important and valuable, that they would be deeply listened to
Sponsors and supporters were given a fresh way to tell their story
Your conference added a rich  context for sharing ideas and celebrating victories and accomplishments of its delegates.
A web site was added to your conference site that was rich in content
You had a way to acknowledge the experience and passion your volunteers bring
You didn’t have to do any more work to add a new dimension to your conference ,  event or launch
Delegates would drive audience to your conference web site
Delegates got valuable promotional material simply as a value-added feature.

The Story Catcher  adds all of the above to your event in a fresh, engaging and honouring approach.
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How it works:

A video blog named after your event  is created  linked  to your site.
Pre-event communication  announces the opportunity for all attending to share  part of their ‘story’ in a brief video interview.
At your event the Story Catcher  talks to delegates about their  project and  ideas  in a 1- 2 minute video interview.
Feature a 1- 2 minute interviews in a plenary session  or lunch break.
During the event the interviews/story clips are posted on the video blog.
Each interview clip can be accessed, and  referenced for immediate viewing for the personal  or business use of the delegate.

Who is the Story Catcher?

Christopher Bowers is executive director of ConversationWorks, a non profit charitable organization. ConversationWorks helps school classes, organizations community  and government groups understand the power of personal story. Christopher is an award winning teacher ( Marshall McLuhan Distinguished Teacher ) for his innovation with  technology.