Stories Grandparents Tell

What are the stories you’d like your grandchildren to remember about you?

Children of all ages love to hear stories from their grandparents. Experiences growing up, at school, at work, with family, or travel and adventure all can be shaped to be interesting and often important stories for our grandchildren’s enjoyment and learning. With a bit of prompting, and having the rare treat of being listened to attentively, grandparents find life experiences to share.

Listening to others’ short life-stories, we are often reminded of experiences we have to share.

This workshop is an opportunity to develop a collection of stories you could then share with your grandchildren. You will learn how to ask good questions, how to listen to others and how to tell your story so people will listen to it. Your stories can be on video and in writing, if you choose. A number of book formats for the written collection are available.

Six sessions of ninety minutes each should yield at least five stories on video, lightly edited and published in an online story collection that you can control access to.

Here are sample stories by grandparents

This workshop includes all video shooting and editing, and transcribing and light editing of the stories into written text which is done by our team. Lightly edited story videos are posted on our web site as story albums. Printing and production costs for actual hard cover books are extra.

These albums include…

Families moving to new communities in the 1930’s, First car, Teaching in Nanaimo… – Jack Hodgins
Immigrating to Canada, finding her way as an only child to becoming a renowned textile artist – Carole Sabiston
A life of adventure and service  – Joan Martin
Native elder:Stories how I used to live 70 years ago
Creating a dream in a once neglected bank building – Jim Munro’s stories



Group or individual workshops

For those who would like their stories written out and lightly edited by our team:
Written transcriptions and light editing of stories @$40

Christopher Bowers, Executive Director of CS Interviews Society 250 213 5340