Introduction to “Stories We Tell Our Children.”

The process is simple, the results, profound .. whether it’s in conversation, or for a collection of video memories.

There is an undeveloped resource within many individuals and their families, the power of personal story. Everyone has a story. If we ask the right questions it’s amazing the stories that come out, the experiences we can learn from, the connections we can make. This workshop will introduce you to this effective and beneficial process, provide you with tools for personal development, for life enhancement at home, in the community and in the workplace.

* learn the power of asking questions
* walk away with new insights into your own and others accomplishments and stories.
* begin to look at colleagues, and friends, even family in a fresh way
* become more aware of your own story
* make new connections and see ways to extend these techniques to almost every aspect of life
* observe or be part of a focus interview and experience the richness of experience people have to share
* observe or be featured in a story-catching interview

View some of  the stories we have recorded for people’s families

Ask about our offer of a  60 minute introduction for  our Stories We Tell Our Children by email, or leaving a comment below.