Reflections from October 2008’s Conversations

  • How useful was having a list of participants and their profiles before ( or after the workshop)

    Very helpful to have a sense of the  backgrounds and skills people bring to the questions.
    I will look at it next time.
    I did not see..
    It would have been useful if I had looked at it.
    Very. I was able to connect in advance to get me  here.
    Good… didn’t take enough time to read it.
    Interesting but  didn’t get a chance to read them all.

  • An interesting question you heard, thought of, or asked.

    How to educate children about  the environment without scaring them?
    How to be safe without being overly cautious?
    How to listen better?
    How to strive  to become more sustainable on a global plane?
    How do I tranform the way society views children?
    How to define yourself in  other avenues  to express yourself?
    Is the current  stockmarket shakeup changing the way we view sustainability in the world?
    What aspect of hope have you  heard?
    If my essence truly is happy, how am I being?
    How can we contract  our society and produce more?
    Is money valuable? Is a good basis to evaluate things like ecosystems. How do you get politicians to publicly commit to a cause?

    How do we  know what  environmental initiatives  exist when I move to a new place?
    How do I spur people on to make big changes ?
    How to change when people are steeped in the mundane?
    How could we achieve public response to water quality, stewardship?
    How do we restart the  economy to a ‘sustainable level.’
    Should I turn off the tv?

· What is an idea you could use?

Less thinking about outcome/ more faith ( highest vibrations)
Less thinking , more happy.
Integrating sustainability into employees’ tasks and priorities.
Funds for system change.
How do you get more feedback on projects completed? How do we know if they ‘worked?
Find , Identify. Recruit.
Getting involved with UVic Outdoors.
Feed  your soul.
Story of Stuff.
Momemtum mag: @ MEC
Package for new residents about living sustainability.
How to create a physical space that allows us to co-create and dream about a different  world.. a space of nurimonics, sustainable  economics.
Coming back to old values.
Putting a percentage of personal asets into local fund  for  ‘revoluion’
Brainstoruming  in a cabin  with  a group of people twoards a specific goal.. a movie plot
Promoting good examples  to increase car-sharing.
Peoples awareness of climate change : keep people  motivated.
Practice in follow-up re: transformational change.

· What did you learn about yourself /others?
Thinking about the last time you’ve been truly happy.
Need to listen more actively.
Great array of people: ‘listening” -> dialogue
I’m not alone.
Questions open up people and reveal more than what the question asked.
People are  seeking ideas  on how to adapt to change.
Many people are asking amazing questions about our community, our couontry, our planet.
Must continue to focus and stress the fundamentals of a ‘high-quality life” ie time, choices, values.
People are very resourceful.
I teach by asking questions. I will do it more.
We need communications strategies.

  • What  benefit have your received, or can imagine from CW R?
Twenty new contacts.
Satisfied a vague action plan.
Going to follow up with the fund ideas  as part of my venture.
There are so many different aspects to sustainability.
Asking questions allows for openings  adn that leads to connection  — very important.
Great conversations with like minded people.
New friends, Reinforcement, Support.
Reflecting  on own work and thought processes .. How do we get others to think?

  • What follow up can you imagine from today’s workshop?
    I would llike to follow -up with some of my co-conversationalists and see waht projects/ idea they are working on.
    Create a profile.
    Read Profiles.
    Bring ideas to my work plan@UVic
    Research the Network of Possibilities

Action Piece: — please visit   the NoP  Ideas, Projects, Initiatives Forum  to  view,  or post new ideas or suggestions.