Reflections from May’s Conversations at OUR Ecovillage

Why you enjoyed it

I learned new deeper questions to ask, to really listen actively with heart that can lead to more connections.
I asked a question I didn’t know the answer to myself, and the discussion helped find the answer.
Everyone accepts each other for what they are , and as we do that , we can share the little bit of greatness inside all of us.
It was interactive.
I am passionate about getting to know people deeply.
To have constructive, structured opportunity to listen and be heard. ie. wasn’t informal.
Because I got to connect with other people
Getting to hear about different life paths people walk down.
I t is wonderful to set aside structured time and have instructional conversations.
It brought open conversations. I learnt deep concepts from strangers.
I was able to answer freely without people criticizing me.
Very articulate people.
Learned about others’ stories. A chance to reflect.
Face to face connections. I learned a lot from this experience.
Connecting with peers in a positive, welcoming sense.
Great icebreaker.
Got to hear people’s stories.
I learned.
Felt connected with everyone,and safe to tell a portion of my story.
Laughs and cries.
Freedom of choice re: questions.
Some were ready to answer in depth questions about themselves.
Asking real questions.
Connecting with people in three minutes, becomes easy when you ask conscious questions, that are not so mechanical

An interesting question you heard, thought of, or asked.How do you keep your heart open?
Breakdown vs breakthrough.
How did that affect your goal/ dream/ destination?
What does my world need from me?
In what ways did your son’s autism affect your life style?
What is your passion?
How has this shaped your life’s journey?
The connection between compassion adn grief.
Why do you feel that way?
What is your definition of hope?
How has a piece of literature affected your journey?
Who is one of your mentors, and why?
How is your current relationship with trust?
How did that new understanding take you places?

What is an idea you could use or would like to develop?

I could ask questions that are not yes and no answered… questions that open people’s heart and cause deeper conversations.
I found my passion is running workshops.
To create more space for people by honesty and acceptance.
I like the idea about asking someone in an elevator a question.
Thinking of introducing this to my crew at work.
Learning and listening to my family and friends.
Different way of asking.
Always ask and interaction consciously.
To stimulate conversations with new people.. Help feeling connected.
Increasing your capacity for awkwardness.
People can learn from anyone, just by asking.
I can use this in my council practice.
I can have deep conversations with people on the street.

Help be startled out of my ( our) sleep .. useful with anyone , anywhere.

With everyday conversations -> learn new things even with those you already feel close to.
Asking people questions… talking to shy people… talking to elders.

Bring together two opposite perspectives
Openness to new possibilities.

What did you learn about yourself /others?
It’s okay to be honest. There are people who really listen.
Honesty is healing.
Accepting labels from others in society.
What people think of me.
Trust begets trust.
People are deeper than you think.
Passion is contagious.
Passions.. what drives others.
Friendships, viewpoints, background
People are fascinating adn can come up with incredible questions.
It”s easy to share , it’s nice to hear about other people being human.
It’s hard not to give advice… but just to listen and ask questions.
Story telling.. I enjoy sharing it!
To take responsibility for my words.
All, or at least a lot of the knowledge you need in life is available in the room.
The passion inside of people. I’m not the only passionate one.
Everyday is an opportunity to be more of that person I could be.
My own curiousity surprised me.
Youth is very attractive.
We are so connected. I know it but don’t always experience it.
There is so much to learn about someone.
Found it difficult organizing thought and finding the words.
Others articulate their thoughts very well.
In every day conversations ask questions to explore others’ stories.

What surprised you?
The degree of engagement.
My own curiousity.
The level of dialogue.
Good sharing of experience and story.
We had to think of questions.
I came in open minded and discovered there is a lot of compassion in the atmosphere;
How one question was able to get people to open up to you, and answer.
The openness surprised me.
My capability to pursue good communication and hopefully, succeed
The level of dialogue between people.
Different way of talking.
The fun in a workshop dedicated to conversation.
I was feeling better as I left than when I came.
How motivated I was to share with perfect strangers.
Connections with others are myriad and infinite.
A crash course in the power of human interaction.

What was new in this?
The ability to ask someone I don’t know such strong questions.
Insta friends.
Focused questions.
Frankness and honesty with total strangers.

Being myself so comfortably.
Trusting a new speaker ( M) and giving my 125% to you.