Passions and Projects

What is a project or initiative that you want to move forward?  Tell us briefly what it is, and what you need to further it.

Roger Colwill founded Green Drinks in 2006. His inspiration for all that he did was to generate a context for people to connect and communicate. This was based on his belief that within the story of each person are questions, and answers that will help others answer their own questions, and solve their problems. View the notice of publishing Oak Bay’s Community Green Map… a legacy of Roger’s passion for community.




Less pollution and attendant health costs

Less congestion and danger, especially down town

Fitter lifestyle

Reduced costs for all of the activities

BUY LOCAL and all of its benefits. This applies particularly to the equipment we will be discussing as the

shipping costs are so high.

SERVICES AND PRODUCTS TO BE PROVIDED Via Sales, Rentals or loans, with some local examples of

usage: Not to compete with human powered private enterprise, but to show the way.

Community Bike Shop e.g. Duncan 8 years by MHC

Community Trailers e.g. Duncan 6 years several sponsors

Commercial Trailers and carts e.g. Cowichan Recyclists downtown recycling service 6 years Duncan.

Special needs apparatus and trailers

Private Commercial pick- up and delivery services e.g. Victoria, Duncan and Vancouver.

Replacing pick-up trucks in many operations e.g. All over.


Location near downtown-no parking space required!

Design, manufacturing and maintenance of bikes, trailers carts etc. to support the services listed above

Apprenticeship and training programs in all facets, e.g. Design, Drafting (CAD), Technical writing,

instruction manuals, Office procedures, purchasing etc.

Loading, riding and safe operation of Trailers.

Access and instruction for DIY repairs for the homeless and others who want to be independent. Pay or

barter time. Some cart storage. Convert shopping carts to trailers as per videos.

Rehab and training programs for various agencies e.g. Mental Health Canada, Worksafe, Provincial skills

job training.

Page two.

MANUFACTURING etc. continued….

Bottle depot catering to cycling and foot traffic only

Advertising revenue-travelling billboards




Initiate, using trailers etc. a pilot program to replace fossil fuelled vehicles, the fleet will be built

maintained and operated by the centre. With a view to expanding the program and eventually account

for the majority of the services. (Four major cities in Brazil accomplish all the municipal pick-up services

using human power)

This service could be performed at night once it gets established, thus avoiding congestion and noise.


The fact that all the human powered devices discussed above are believed to have application in severe natural disasters, the above programs would make available a large fleet of well-maintained trailers and carts (all my designs convert in seconds to handcarts) plus the skilled operators to use them.

I am willing to make available my 25 years of experience in designing building and operating such
equipment (and my years of instructing). This would include all the designs and equipment to get this project started. Offers of help are also forthcoming from several other people and organisations.


Some help would be needed initially but all the programs would generate income and become self-

The big money maker would be in offering a franchise to other cities for an operation containing all of the above or to suit their particular needs. Building the equipment locally is a good selling point and would be especially attractive to larger centres.

This Department will need trained personnel to help the Franchisees get their operation up and running, creating more local jobs.

Some additional thoughts and additions to the scope:

The CRD bicycle recycling proposal as covered in the recent draft proposal

Bill board ads on the trailers and equipment

Add bikes and trailers to the car-share coop inventory

Develop a mobile unit for events and training programs

City wide bike rental program –maintenance etc.

This program could be operated on a non-profit or business model or a combination.

As a business model it could attract “Green investments”

BC’s Job and skills training program could provide support.

Location is important and preferably all under one roof. EG The industrial area along Government street

This could grow to have a major impact on all aspects of transportation, while cutting down on Fossil fuel use and reducing infrastructure costs.

A major reduction in health care costs( as per many European cities taking action to implement such


I could co on for ever…..


Tony Hoar