NFC ideas

Update: July 21st

Let’s make Neighbours for Change a year long event/ process/ opportunity. Invite the stunning folks of all ages to think of ways to contribute to the ‘Change   throughbout the year.  We can highlight their efforts on video. People in Fernwood  WANT to help, to be included.
This doesn’t mean that Sarah and Tara have to burn themselves out…  The fire in the community already exists .  NFC will be the kindling and your team will be the fire starter.

Then the NFC block party is a culmination , a celebration  of the whole year.. of the community’s efforts. LIke the Party Band your success will be viral

Neighbourhood  building – use the Vanc Folk Festival approach.. a free burger or beer as an appreciation- or 50/50 people on the block.

Team building

Cultivate  can-do people who follow through –
Don’t depend on school kids – teens may be good for word of mouth but  are low on follow through. What could they do during the year when they are more accountable. Have them make it a business class project.  ( like the booth you had selling food — I have a video of him talking about it)

Market Place
people  appreciate a good showcase.. and visa versa
let’s give them a year’s exposure on the site

Silent Auction
Some of these may be booths for next year..