August 7th Update  —

Green Drinks is  on Tuesday, August 8th from 5:00- 7:00PM  at the The Drake Eatery  517 Pandora.
We get a thoughtful mix of new and familiar faces each month.

We’ve been running since 2006.. providing fresh opportunities for  like-minded, like-hearted folks to meet in an open, unstructured, lightly facilitated, audibly comfortable, flexible environment. Helpful to remember that keeping conversations focused, rather than long and rambling, brings more value and opportunity.

Conversations that uncover new resources and solutions

I ask many  people at Green Drinks  about a project they are excited about, an experience they are working on, or something they’ve learned from.

Here Mal talks about how recognizing colleagues can bring new energy to businesses small and large.  To view more from our Green Drinks Playlist

Green Drinks is about asking good questions, and listening for some of the gold from other’s experiences. Hearing new ideas we may not have access to anywhere else.
Green Drinks successes are marked by fresh conversations, and ‘light bulb’ moments..of bringing people and ideas together and effecting change.    Green Drinks’ mission to help build and support sustainable community is furthered by helping connect people in a rich talent pool.

Making the most out of Green Drinks    What do you want people to ask you about at this month’s Green Drinks? We call this your “Green Drinks’ theme.”
Great questions can start rewarding conversations.  Go a step further and become a Traveler In Your Own Town 

Community Events... Comprehensive list of  special and weekly green events courtesy of  Guy Dauncey. < details>

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Previous items: Through great questions on our What’s Gone Well Today Question of the Week < details>

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Past member stories Member stories…. Creating Allies is something we can all benefit from. In this video, Victoria Westcott shares examples that we can pick up on ourselves.

  • What are you jazzed about lately?
  • What’s a moment that stood out in the last week?
  • What’s gone well today?

Fresh stories of mentorship by the founder of Green Drinks, Victoria <view> Roger Colwill’s advice here touched on helping someone deal with the loss of a loved one, as well as helping with a start up. Roger’s advice here was given a day before his own passing. Green Drinks Victoria  was founded in 2006 by Roger Colwill  Here Maia Green shares  one of the many stories  that capture and extend his  legacy and   gift.  Each of these stories on ThanksRoger has a life lesson or example  that naturally jump out and can benefit and inspire those wishing to create and support sustainable communities.