What teachers and administrators say


The key thing that made the experience was the time that you (Chris) took with the students to teach them how to ask open-ended, interesting questions. It gave them a sense of control , in that they were getting out of the talk what they were interested in, and that they had the ability to engage in a meaningful conversation with an adult. A number of the things that Bert said resulted in lively conversation after the class was over. Most interesting was the discussion on what is success and whether it is selfish to pursue a dream that focuses on wealth

My relationship with my own classes has undergone a transformation as a result of opening up to them in a personal way. They see me better now. Those who did not participate heard from me today in no uncertain terms (We had a class “tete a tete”) Several of my colleagues have approached me re the program, and I would highly recommend that this become a more regular thing at our school(it fits with our growth plan objectives nicely) Awareness of the “other” fits in very well with my approach to teaching English, especially to students who are at the “me” age. The message that “the better the question, the better the answer” was brought home very effectively.

Thanks again Chris, and I would love to have the opportunity to do this again, knowing what I know now.