What students said about Tim Hewet

Tim’s Interviews  at Royal Oak Middle School

Interesting ideas:

  • risks are necessary for change.
  • 85% of the land is for conservation
  • risks are not just for you, but for everyone
  • Creating social communities.
trying to make neighbours more interactive
  • Building a community is fun
  • Making a mountain biking event
  • Making a community with lots of fun places
  • To take professional risks.
  • If you’re looking for  a job, think about what you’d do if you weren’t getting paid
  • Bonfire pit around houses
  • Community where everyone is happy
  • If you don’t fail you won’t learn.
  • 3 yr study find the living organisms  and other stuff  to help protect.
  • How he wanted Canada to be like Europe
  • Houses will have horse stables  and mountain biking
  • Asking someone what their dream is

  • Idea you’ll use
  • To get social interaction in a park
  • Lot of cool events
  • Put horse back trails in the forest

    Idea  you won’t forget

  • A park in the middle of the housing
  • Trying to make a community with good environmental impact.
  • Taking risks is not always bad
If you don’t take risks you won’t learn anything.
  • To protect the organisms in different areas.
  • Building a community is like building a big fort.  ( It’s fun)
  • Choosing a location is important in planning a community to not disturb the natural habitat.
  • Building  a different community.
  • A question that will change your life
  • Making everyone happy
  • You should do something you like
  • To get a job when you are always learning so you are never bored

    What you Liked it about the interview

  • He was working towards building a community.
  • Answered well
Some people change their dream lots
It teaches you about life and great questions about it
I learned about life
Bring everyone together
  • If you want anything just go after it
  • He always had a very good and detailed answr to any question
It is inspiring
  • Learned so much about Tim/ his jobs and risks he took
  • It answered our questions.
  • There were great questions I can use later on.
  • Gave answers for life
  • You can understand where Tiim is coming from.
  • Shewed me new ideas.
It tells you need to takes risks to succeed.
  • Got a chance to hear some interesting answers.
  • Tim really explained a lot.
  • Taking risks is very interesting to me.
  • Important to learn to  build community.
  • Because he answered such interesting questions.
  • Got to learn about planning a community.
  • It was based on the environment.