What students learned from Sarah Colwill

You just have to keep positive and never give up. When challenges come up, try to take a step back and see how you can overcome them. Always stay positive and find the good in every situation you may be faced with.

I really enjoyed hearing her story and listening to her perspective on life. Two main ideas that stood out to me in her talk was that she didn’t refer to challenges or missed oppurtunities as “closed doors” but rather hurdles along the way. Everyone runs into hurdles every now and then throughout their lives and you just need to stop and figure out a plan in order to take that jump and clear the hurdle. You must think and then carry on. The second idea that really stood out to me was that Sarah refered to her life as a television show. Because it makes your outlook on life a lot more positive and easy going. If you can look at your life that way it also makes your life so much more interesting with all of the different elements (like a television show) and it makes your life that much richer.


There are no mistakes; you learn from every mistake that you make in your life.

You can’t make wrong decisions; every decision you make is a right one.
Find the humour in your life; if something wrong happens, find a moment to laugh it off.


Sarah made so many interesting points and ideas, but one that I thought was one of the best was how she said that when you’ve reached a hurdtle in life, just stand back and watch yourself like a tv show and laugh. She also said that you can’t make a mistake, you can just carry on; something thats i thought was really powerful.