What students learned from Mike Colwill

1. You cannot do all your learning from books, you need to get out and see the real world.
2. Something good can come from everything.
3. You “go to school everyday” because you learn something new everyday.
4. Things you learn at work can be applied to your personal life.
5. You have to make mistakes to learn and be a better person.

6. Stepping outside into the real world, doing what you love to do, is a great start to interact with new people.

I am going to try hard to put myself out there and learn more and find out more about myself. I like what Mike Colwill had to say about how success is based on who you are and where you want to go in life.

The top ten ideas that stood out in the Mike Colwill presentation were:
1.The world of education (post secondary) isn’t the same as the real world
2. You may be book smart but you might be socially unintelligent
3. Working with friends can have many advantages
4. Gaving a mentor or friend to guide you can lead you into a very good career
5. The ability to turn a bad situation into a good one is a desired and amazingly good skill to have
6. It takes a while to find out who you are so don’t stress about it
7. Successful people don’t necessarily have a Bachelors or PhD
8. Having a few good friends in high school is much better than having a whole bunch of not-so-good friends
9. Getting noticed by people who you don’t know and giving them a chance to get to know you an vice-a-versa is a good way to get ahead
10. Enjoying your career is the key to being success

Two ideas that stood out from Mike Colwill’s interview:
1.) That you should try to face new situations where you aren’t always comfortable, because you can learn and grow from it.
2.) You should try and look at life with a positive attitude because that is where you will usually find a good outcome.