What students learned about Bruce Carter

Bruce Carter was a good inspiration to people wanting to follow their careers in business. I have always heard about [the Chamber] throughout my life, but never really had a clear idea about what they did. I learned they work towards improving public safety and they are a part of improving Victoria. When I asked him about what risks he took, I was somewhat surprised that he had decided to leave the military after fifteen years because he thought he could do better on his own. I was also very surprised to find out that when Erin asked him about how to prevent procastination, he replied that procrastination is GOOD, and that sometimes, the best thing you can do is NOTHING AT ALL!! Furthermore, I have never really thought about his outlook on the interview process – he said that at an interview, you are not evaluated based on your skills, you are evaluated based on who you are – they want to know you, not necessarily just your intelligence level. I will use this because I work really hard at school to obtain good grades, but now I realize that it takes more than just knowledge to excell in life.

This was the interview I was looking the most forward to. Mr. Bruce Carter is a CEO in a very prominent business in Victoria, and I aspire to be a CEO as well. Since he is someone I want to be like in the future, I was very curious as to what he was going to say, and teach our class about business. He shed light on many different parts of business and I learned three things about business today that will hopefully prove to help my future career in that field.

I really liked Mr. Carter because he was honest. I really enjoyed Mr. Carter because he is related directly to a field I want to be a part of. The things that I gained today just from listening to him will affect the rest of my life.

I was intrigued by his sense of adventure, even though his job title does not seem to be very adventurous. My first question of how he became a CEO surprised me. I thought it was a certain course that you would take in university, but his answer was that it was being able to adapt to society. In other words, you have to be able to change as society changes, be able to do everything, learn new things are they are coming out. For me, it gave me a desire to research more on CEO’s in case that is what I decide to become.

I found the graph that Mr. Carter drew on the whiteboard pretty inspiring. To sum it up, it said “the bigger the risks, the bigger your reward.” I sat there and pondered that for a while. I thought, I could either take the easy path down life and end up with something small as my outcome, or do what is harder but receive something much better in the end. Risks are sometimes bad, but if looked at in the right light, you can turn them into something you can enjoy. Risks come up in so many places and have to be confronted in the right way. Whether in your job, at school, in sports, or any other things you take part in, risks will come up and you have to make the decision on how to deal with them or whether or not it’s worth it for the reward you get.

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