On Jordan Fisher at Bayview

What students learned from Jordan Fisher:
Your adventurous spirit makes me want to challenge myself more. I think it`s nice how you are outdoorsy but you said your biggest accomplishment was that you got married. It could have been anything but you said that settling down and starting a life with someone was the best thing. I also liked how you liked to take more adventures more in the peninsula because by doing that, you could see what needs to be done in our environment.

I thought it was cool that he used his love of going on adventures in the nature to help the environment. I never thought of that as a way to help the environment but it’s a good way.

He was trying to tell us that everything is more fun if you’re together(like going on adventures)

One thing that stood out and impressed me was that Jordan can go on any type of adventure even bad ones and then still learn something about himself and the environment and how to help it.

The adventures are inspirational to me. I have also been on exiting adventures.

When you go on a adventure you need to work together. So that thing

The presentation with Jordan Fisher was very interesting. I thought that the idea you can learn more about yourself an adventures was an interesting thought.

Jordan stood out because he was mainly talking about his adventures and not long business things.

What I liked about Jordan Fisher was the fact that he is so adventerous. I think that it takes a lot of courage and heart to go out and explore everything. If I were to go and see our country, wilderness-wise, I would want to get as much of it as possible.

I liked this presentation because he talked about adventures he has done. I learned that when you go alone on an adventure you can learn more about yourself